Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment to Stimulate Hair Growth

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Relax your body and mind with Shirodhara! The best Ayurveda treatment to stimulate hair growth as well! Hair fall has become a very common problem in the past few decades. Daily stress and strain, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, and hormonal imbalances lead to an increase in Pitta Dosha. This causes hair loss and premature greying of hair. Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurveda preventative and curative treatment to address all these problems! Join us at Ayur Healthcare, Parramatta, Sydney for Shirodhara Ayurveda treatments in Sydney.


What is Shirodhara?

Shiro means head and Dhara means to flow, pour or stream. Specially prepared liquid herbal oil is poured in a steady stream over the head of an individual for a certain period of time, anywhere between 30-40 minutes. Shirodhara balances and stabilizes the mind & alleviates anxiety, reduces headaches and hair problems.

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Shirodhara can be administered on its own or as part of a Panchakarma cleansing and detoxification treatment. When Shirodhara is done, it stimulates the Ajna Marma, one of the most important vital points of the body, or ‘maha-marma’ on the head. The marma point is an important confluence point of nerves and tissues and also the circulation of vital life force, or ‘prana’.


Shirodhara is an excellent treatment to promote blood circulation, reduce stress, restore damaged nerves, improve memory and cognitive function.


Vasodilatation of all the channels of the body is caused by the warm herbal oils used for Shirodhara resulting in the improved blood circulation of the brain. The gentle pressure and soothing warmth cause our body, mind, and nervous system to experience a deep state of rest reducing stress hormones like Adrenaline and Noradrenaline. The pouring of warm oils stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus, thereby regulating the functions of the pituitary gland and inducing sleep.

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In Shirodhara, the medicated oils are absorbed through the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. Regular Shirodhara promotes hair growth & helps to remove the Pitta dosha in the body. It also makes your hair soft and luxurious.


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Ayurveda and Autism

Autism and Ayurveda

We all know that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or just autism, is a neurological and developmental disorder that is usually found in small children. It has a major effect on the person’s movements, talk, general communication, and how he talks. The worse issue is that autism leads to a range of problems in the person. This leads many uninitiated people to unintentionally consider such people as either “mad” or dumb.

People with ASD could have difficulty in facing a person and looking them in the eye. They won’t talk straight, may be repetitive, and may show compulsive behavior. They sometimes look lost within their own world and may not talk to anyone for long stretches of time.

Ayur Healthcare Ayurveda Clinic in Sydney provides effective treatment for autism-related disorders.

Ayurveda is literally the science of life and well-being. It is a holistic medical knowledge passed down centuries. There is literally no disease known to mankind that doesn’t have a treatment offered by this system of medicine. Autism too has treatments prescribed in the Ayurveda texts. The right treatment requires the felicity of a good doctor with the knowledge and skills that can help the patient.

Ayur Healthcare has a team of Ayurveda doctors in Sydney who are highly trained and clinically experienced. They are guided by living legends of Ayurveda, who have learned the science in the traditional way and practiced it for a lifetime. For some of the best treatments for autism through Ayurveda, one can be guided by the doctors at Ayur Healthcare.

Ayurvedic Understanding of High Blood Pressure/Hypertension!

Hypertension/High Blood Pressure Ayurveda Treatment Sydney Australia - AyurHealthCare

Blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most commonly found issues these days. The issues of hypertension are found in people across different age groups but, the middle-aged population is the one that gets affected quite a lot amongst all the others. At Ayurhealthcare, we offer all necessary guidance and inputs through which you can control High Blood Press or Hypertension. We are also Sydney’s highly qualified team of doctors providing Ayurvedic treatment for blood pressure/ hypertension. For more details, kindly contact us.

Blood pressure generally occurs due to an unhealthy lifestyle and the modern ways of living are seriously impacting the lives of people in a negative manner as it does not involve any physical activities. Hence, it becomes necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle for which you can opt our Ayurvedic treatment for blood pressure/ hypertension.

AyurHealthCare – Sydney’s Top Ayurvedic Treatment for Blood Pressure/ Hypertension

With the advancement in science and technology people now have access to all the information including medical science. As the saying goes, “Half knowledge is always dangerous”, getting to know about Blood Pressure in bits and pieces from the internet can make the anxiety attacks even worse.

The diagnosis and the medicines for Blood pressure are generally recorded and recommended keeping the systolic and the diastolic pressures in the allopathic line of treatment whereas the Ayurvedic practitioners in Sydney say that hypertension or blood pressure cannot be treated unless the lifestyle of a person changes.

Despite having the proper systolic and the Diastolic readings people still have issues related to their health. Well, this directly indicates that a person cannot be called healthy just by keeping all the readings under control. There are certain changes that are to be made in order to stay healthy.

Keeping this in mind there are certain things that Ayurvedic doctors do in order to treat patients with hypertension and Blood Pressure complaints.

  • Understanding the term Dyslipidemia

There are two kinds of HTNs and they are the Primary and the secondary HTNs. The first and foremost thing that an Ayurvedic doctor would do is to dig deeper and get to know the root cause of the existing condition by comparing it with the HTN.

They would not just go by the superficial conditions and start with the treatment. Instead, they would work closely with the patients and try to balance the body out by using the techniques involved in Ayurvedic science.

HTN would only be used as an indicator to understand the new diseases and the doctor would follow their own way of treatment as mentioned in the traditional Ayurvedic treatment.

  • They work on the doshas

The science of Ayurveda is based on the three doshas and it is said that balancing these doshas in the body would keep a person healthy. The vata, Kapha, and pitta doshas are the three doshas. The doctor tries to understand the doshas that are causing hypertension in the body using certain methodologies and tries to bring it under control.

Once this dosha is under control the condition of Blood Pressure or blood pressure would automatically be controlled too. The readings on the BP meter would also start reading normally as well. For more details you can discuss on this with our Ayurvedic Treatment Specialists for Hypertension and Blood Pressure

  • They do not treat because the patient is worried

None of the Ayurvedic doctors start their treatment because the patient is panicking. They would always do a thorough study of the symptoms, the cause and then suggest the course of treatment to anybody who goes to them with blood pressure complaints.

  • The knowledge on Sampraptis

Every Ayurvedic practitioner would understand the happenings of Sampraptis in the body of the patient and this would enable them to even understand the duration of the treatment for BP and hypertension to be administered.

They would also be able to interpret the stages from when the treatment should actually start, continue and end to get the BP under control. Hence, they would be able to easily all the questions that a patient has regarding their condition.

  • They need not understand the Sampraptis

As already mentioned Sampraptis are just indicators of the illness that the person is suffering from. Generally, most of the Ayurvedic practitioners would be able to diagnose the problem on their own and can start off with the Ayurveda treatment Sydney as mentioned in the traditional Ayurvedic science.

The symptoms that the patient is going through can be the greatest leads for starting the treatment. Well, any doctor with experience would be able to recognize if the patient is ill or healthy just by looking at their faces.

  • Everything is largely dependent on the food

Ayurvedic Science speaks largely on food intake. The kind of food that we eat decides our health. We must understand the nature of the body first before we try and analyze the diseases. Food can impact the human body either positively or negatively.

Exactly like this the HTN also gets affected. HTN involves the heart, blood vessels, and blood. If any of these three things fall out of balance, a person might start experiencing fatigue, tiredness, sporadic or rapid heartbeats, etc… this condition is thus termed hypertension or Blood Pressure.

Well, this is how Ayurvedic Science interprets and treats the condition of Hypertension or blood pressure.

Secrets of Ayurveda Massage

Relaxation Massage

Massages are a fundamental part of the Ayurvedic system of health and healing! Ayurvedic therapeutic massages have been practiced in India over the centuries as traditional techniques of healing. Developed over generations, Ayurvedic massages are designed to treat the body and create an equilibrium between mind, body, and soul. Ayur Healthcare, the leader in Ayurveda in Sydney offers an insight into the secrets of Ayurveda massage. Just check it out…

Ayurveda Massage

According to the ancient texts of Ayurveda, the root cause of diseases is the imbalance of the three Doshas – Vata, Pitta & Kapha. The main purpose of Ayurvedic massage is to restore or maintain the all-natural balance in the body.

Ayur Healthcare offers Ayurveda massages in Sydney which uses a blend of varied natural ingredients like oil, stone salt, lavender, ginger, rose, aloe vera, mint, lemon, along pepper. Different oils are employed in varied areas of the body. Most of the organic elements used in the massages strengthen your muscles, improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Types of Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massages


Application of warm medicated oil from head to toe with systematic massage strokes. This promotes blood circulation & helps the skin to absorb the nourishing and healing properties of the oil. The Long relaxing strokes, triggers at pressure points, and other strokes address stiffness & knots to relax the system. 

Ayurveda Marma Massage

Marma massage is done using herbal oils. Special techniques to improve the flow of life force through the body. This makes you energized and relaxed. The Marma massage also works like a deep tissue massage and helps with pain, stiffness, tightness, and knots in the body. Better and long-lasting results are produced when Marma massage is followed by a session of steam. 

Ayurveda massage

Deep tissue massage

The massage addresses stiffness, tightness, knots, heaviness, and pain. It begins with lighter pressure to warm up and prepare the muscles.


Traditional liquid massage therapy where a lukewarm herbal liquid is poured in a continuous and rhythmic manner on the body. It heals the inflammation.

Reasons to choose Ayurveda Massage for better Health

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Now is the time to pamper yourself with an Ayurveda Massage! More than pampering Ayurveda Massage stands for better health! There are many reasons behind it. If you’re stressed and tired, or if you have tension, pain, or even depression, Ayurveda massages are recommended.


Here’re 4 Reasons to choose Ayurveda Massage for better Health brought to you by Ayur Healthcare, Parramatta, Sydney. As the best center for Ayurveda in Australia, Ayur Healthcare offers Ayurveda massages in Sydney.


Reduce Stress

Stress & tension have today become a part and parcel of life! The level of stress hormones in the body increases and impedes our immune system due to these day-to-day tensions.


Ayurvedic massage can be the best option to get rid of stress as it improves blood circulation & also boosts up immunity.


Natural Pain Reliever

Ayurvedic massage therapy is one of the best natural pain relievers. Massage given by an experienced and qualified therapist will take away chronic pain.


Medicated massage using Ayurveda oils will reduce pain and stiffness in joints and muscle tissues. A steam bath after the oil massage further increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles. After a massage at Ayur Healthcare, you will definitely feel better. You’ll find a significant reduction in pain in the back, neck, or even joints with professional & regular massages.


Boost Immunity and Energy

You can feel that constant tiredness you experienced before going after a thorough head-to-toe Ayurveda massage and bath! You will feel energized and rejuvenated than you ever felt before. A good full-body massage is all that you need to feel better!


Relax Muscle Tension

If your neck, shoulder, and lower back are in constant pain, your muscles have become strained with constant work from home on your computers.


An Ayurveda massage in Sydney at Ayur Healthcare is a perfect way to feel better! Just rub away all those tensions with a stress massage therapy session.


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