Late Arrival for Appointment Policy

Ayur Healthcare is dedicated to delivering the utmost service to our esteemed clients while maintaining the seamless functioning of our business operations. To uphold the efficiency of our consecutive appointments, we have implemented a late arrival policy to honour the time of both our valued clients and our dedicated staff members.

Ayur Healthcare values the punctuality and satisfaction of all our clients. Late arrivals can cause inconvenience to others, reduce appointment duration, and compromise service quality. Overlapping commitments and rescheduling challenges also arise. Lost revenue affects our ability to provide affordable services. Workflow disruptions impact our effectiveness. We kindly remind clients to adhere to the agreed-upon appointment policy, respecting time and professionalism. To avoid future lateness, we suggest setting reminders, planning for delays, and rescheduling early when needed. Your cooperation ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all, fostering a strong and respectful client-provider relationship

The Importance of Timeliness:

We recognise that unforeseen circumstances can arise, but we kindly urge all clients to respect their scheduled appointment times and arrive promptly. Prolonged delays can create a ripple effect, leading to disruptions in subsequent appointments and potentially affecting the timely closure of our business.

Inconvenience to Other Clients: Late arrival disrupts the schedule, causing inconvenience to other clients who had arrived on time. This can lead to longer waiting times for others and potentially disrupt the entire day’s appointments.

Reduced Appointment Duration / Grace Period for Late Arrivals:

Clients arriving within 1 to 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment time will still receive partial service. To ensure fairness to all clients and our staff, we will adjust the appointment to fit within the remaining available time. This approach allows us to accommodate other clients without compromising the quality of our services

Excessive Late Arrival:

Clients who arrive 15 to 30 minutes late for their appointment will unfortunately forfeit their reserved slot. This is essential to maintain the integrity of our services and provide quality care to our clients. While we sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause, it is necessary to adhere to our schedule and avoid disrupting other clients’ appointments. In such instances, the client will be required to reschedule for the next available date and time, with a 100% service fee charge. This policy is in place to cover the time reserved for the appointment and compensate for any inconvenience caused to our staff and other clients on the waiting list to get an appointment.

At Ayur Healthcare, we highly value the time and dedication of all our clients and staff members. Adhering to our late arrival for the appointment policy allows us to create a smooth and efficient experience for everyone involved. We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation in assisting us in providing exceptional service to all.

Thank you for choosing Ayur Healthcare. We eagerly look forward to serving you with unwavering dedication and care.

Note: This policy is effective immediately and applies to all appointments made with Ayur Healthcare