I had a panchkarma at ayur Healthcare. Doctors and staff were so friendly and supportive, They have taken proper care of me. Overall it was wonderful experience with everything being taken care very well. I would definitely recommend to my friends and relatives as its a very useful and effective treatment for all ailments. I found everything in order and satisfactorily.
– Swetha Atteli (28 August 2019)

A beautiful Mind, Body, spirit/soul experience with caring practitioner. I perticular liked attention to detail and very mindful.
– Gregory Harkin (3 days standard Panchkarma (20 April 2019)

My first time experience, it was totally awesome. Did not realise that I had passed. It was relaxing and soothing. I particularly liked the ambience, friendly staff therapist was awesome. She knew her job very well. Overall happy. cheers. Thank you again.
– Jibu John (23/04/2019)

I felt very relaxed and light after the shirodhara. I would highly recommend this Ayurvedic clinic to anyone. I particularly liked that therapist explained everything well and took care with service. Relaxing atmosphere.
– Vinnie (23/04/2019)

I liked the last day of the treatment the most. Excellent experience! Best approach! I alrady recommended to my friends and relatives and I would.
– Rosina Georgiea (25 April 2019)

It was a wonderful experience to detox in such a peaceful, calm and nurturing environment. At the end I felt completely rested and rejuvenated and even managed to loose 2 kilos! Highly recommend everyone to try it.
– Didi Rawlatt. (27 July 2019)

Prompt and responsive customer service, friendly staff and ambience was good. Doctor explained the process and provided few tips. Overall very satisfactory with service.
– mushraf syed.(22/10/2019)

The doctors here are first class and the treatment as genuine as overseas plus the atmosphere is beautiful. I am glad to have found Ayur Healthcare !!!
– Judith ayre. (20 July 2019)

Attention to detail and explanation about what to expert. A very relaxing whole body experience. Dr. Anusha was very professional and personal at the same time. Highly recommended.
– Reema Kapur (19/10/2019)

The whole experience was relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Excellent.
-Zinnia Oringo. (25/06/2019)

The calming effect. Wonderful experience. Best kept secret in parramatta.
– Christian. (12/07/2019)

Great service, great atmosphere and clean service. I particularly liked the steam after the therapy.
– Omid (01/11/2019)

Way beyond excellent. Doctor knows her job very well and her therapies as amazing. 110% I will recommend to my friends and family.
– Nisha Mayank (23/02/2019)

Well worth the Money spent. The recommendation to have a steam bath was good as it took all the oily stuff out and made the experience more relaxing. Refreshing and no talking in between best part.
– Jayanth (08/02/2019)

My health is my responsibility. Thank you for giving me tools to accelerate my healing. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
– Hannah Kate (28/02/2019)

Thanks to Ayur Healthcare for helping me with my long-standing digestive issues, where western + Tcm has not helped. I particularly liked Abhyanga massage + steam, explanation relating illness, diet, day to day life with treatment or medicine.
– Kathy (02/03/2019)

Covered all the muscle groups and pain points while checking for pressure. Excellent therapy, customer service, quality of care and ambience.
– Chandu (11/01/2019)

The quality of the service was amazing throughout my treatments. I ended up going back to stress free and happier me.
– Meenakshi (4 august 2018)

Service was professional & relaxing. Very pleased with the results and able to sleep without feeling congested. Nasya service in the last 10 days has been very good treatment for my congestion and sleep insomnia
– Viren Khatri (10/06/2018).

Ayur Healthcare is one of the best I have ever been to for getting treated in a natural way. One of the best decisions I made was to come here & get treated. I have really found myself in a peaceful & productive manner.
– Shivananda Dharmalingam (21 August 2018)

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