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Ayurcare for Woman

Ayurveda describes life as the union of mind, senses, body and soul and it has classified the life cycle of humans as birth, childhood, adolescence and senility. To live a quality life Ayurveda imparts several principles and practices through its specialty branches. Prasutitantra is a specialty branch in Ayurveda dedicated only for women’s health and wellness.

An eye though Australian female population

Statistics of the Australian government surveys shows 50.7% of the population of Australia comprises women and girls. If we take the employment sector 47%of Australia are working females. The figures shows that not only they are employees but 95 % of the parental leave for taking care of kids is taken by women in Australia and they spend nearly thrice their time than men. The immense change when a girl turns women is the time she finds difficulty in coping with the physical and emotional changes taking in her body. Most girls tend to adopt an unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices making the situation worsen .The increased body mass index possess a serious threat to the hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipediamea later in life. This is where Ayurveda can contribute to a healthy middle age. The immunity in Ayurveda is described in terms of innate and acquired factors of the body.

Considering wellness, the suvarna prasan and Pancha gavya prasan (immunomodulatory herbal combinations) continued from birth till puberty aid in the physical, mental and cognitive development of girl. The follow up of herbs from puberty to middle age can be done through Rasayana (anti-ageing herbs), herbal tonics, herbal supplements in the form of tablets and powders. Regular head massage will help in compacting premature greying, tiredness, and improved vision ,promotes good sleep ,better skin tone and complexion .The other clinical treatment variants of the head massage are Sirodhara and sirovasthi, The purgation once in a month with the intake of herbal tonics and supplements will cure the pain women suffering from dysmenorrhea.

Middle adulthood & senility – Preventive and curative care

Ayur Healthcare has a handful of variety herbs helping in reproductive as well as menopausal health. Some of the common problems faced by women are Anemia, obesity, Depression, Cosmetic problems, Menstrual disorders, Diabetes, Blood pressure, Infertility, Arthritis, Menopausal issues, Insomnia and Hormonal fluctuations. Ayurcare comes up with tailor-made packages for each moment in a women life.

Herbal remedies for the gynecological problems during reproductive age Take ample rest during the period of menstruation. Proper hygiene should be always maintained to balance vaginal PH. Most of the discomforts and diseases occurring in these phases are due to Pitha Rakta dushti resulting in hormonal changes. Some among them are:-

  • Premenstrual syndrome resulting in irritability, anxiety, hot flushes, migraines and heaviness of lower abdomen. To combat the pitha vrudhi in this time you can take variety formulations of herbs like ghee, powders, decoctions and tablets with milk. Practice putting few drops of medicated oil on vertex of head for cooling effect. Take lots of pomegranate and tendercocnut juices. Avoid stress, hot and spicy food.
  • Leucorrhoea and vaginitis causing anemia, increased vaginal discharges, infection and bad odor. This is mainly due to the Kapha dysfunction. Proper hygiene through herbal vaginal douche and pichu (soaking vagina with anti-infective herbal oil) and internal medications and avoiding citrus fruits will help.
  • Infertility and Menstrual disorders like dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), DUB (uterine bleeding), Amenorrhea (lack of menstrual blood) may be due to any hormonal imbalances or secondary illness. Here first we have to pacify Vata to get control over other Doshas and Ayur Healthcare focuses on eliminating the root cause rather than symptomatic treatment. A detailed Panchakarma treatment with vasthi as the main course, Udwarthana (powder massage) and Dosha specific internal herbs in different palatable formulations helps in a lifelong cure.
  • Abortions may be due to natural or acquired causes like lifestyle, ovarian or uterine factors, infections, hormonal abnormalities and chromosomal anomalies. Here brimhana (nourishment therapy) consisting of different herbal milk preparations ,decoctions and ghee’s having sweet taste in property and Panchakarma therapy is more needed to create healthy pregnancy. Panchakarma like Virechana, Nasya and vasti will clear the toxins from the cellular level.

Dealing with menopause through herbs

Menopause is a naturally occurring process. Government surveys in Australia shows, among the 12.20 million females in Australia 44% of the disease burden is from cancer, musculoskeletal conditions and cardiovascular diseases and that too nearing to menopausal age in the early 50s.In this stage women suffer from hot flushes, mood swings, depression ,sleeplessness, vaginal dryness and similar symptoms. Herbs like asparagus, cumin seeds, sandalwood, gooseberries, ash gourd, aloe Vera, seaameseeds, chickpeas, Bengal gram and many classical heromineral compounds and formulations are very helpful in this condition. Daily consumption of Rasayana under the prescription of a consultant helps in improving vitality.

In Ayur Healthcare we advices some things that should be regularly practiced by the women of any age for the health of neurons and sense organs. They are Añjana regularly (writing Collyrium daily for a bright eye, Nasya (Instilling medicated herbal oil through Nostril) and Head massages to avoid premature greying, hair fall, stress, cooling of body, healthy sense organs. Exercise regularly help in keeping pelvic muscles strong and healthy and to keep better hormonal health. Eat fresh, timely and healthy food. Detox your body atleast once in three months. Never self-medicate. Make herbs a regular practice for internal healing and nourishment. Take timely treatment.


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