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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a pain symptom persisting more than 3 months or longer. It may arise from initial injury but the etiology is often idiopathic without significant cause. Treatment limits to relieving symptoms and improving mobility due to the reduced flexibility acquired in course of disease.

In Ayur Healthcare we provide effective treatment for chronic pain. chronic pain management can be explained in malfunctioning of Vata dosa

(humour) of the body. In Vata ailment treatment there is a golden sentence which depicts that there cannot be any body pain without vata.The symptoms of the derangement of vata fall close to the symptoms of chronic pain.

The treatment modality aims at total pacification of Vata, both in increase and decrease in different abodesof the body, This is achieved through Vata pacifying treatments of purifying the channels of the body and using (shodhana)purifactory treatment. Anoiting the body with oil pacifies the vata .Sudation and therapies which stimulate body with different quantum of heat and oleation are fruitful in controlling chronic pain. The medicated Powder bolus sudation, medicated leaf bolas sudation, are helpful to quantify the variant requirement for pacificity of Vata(humour). In injury based chronic pain ,

In Ayur Healthcare the treatments include:-

Sudation therapy: – This includes sweatening techniques with different quantum of sudation and Oleation as per required to manipulate the pathology of pain management. Hence it is of two types basically starting with dry sudation such as Sand bolus, powder bolas sudation, leaf bolas sudation excetra. The increasing quantity of oleation and sudation are selected as per the termination of Sudation therapies with wet bolus therapies such as pain relieving liquid bolus, milk bolus for greater pacification of vata responsible for pain.

Takradhara– Dhara (pouring) medicated buttermilk on head.

Taila Dhara:- with pouring oil on head similarly

whole body Dhara:- with lukewarm liquids oil and medicated milk also form the important sections in treatment. In short the Sudation therapies begin with dry sudation and end with unctuous sudation in the normal transition of pacifying Vata which is morbid in chronic pain etiology.Mild purgations and oil enema are the cleansing procedures after unction andgraduated protocol of sudation therapies.

Abhyanga:- oil massage sequential in the direction of hairs increases the circulation in allmuscle compartments special oils are selected as per the body type with the permutations in the physiological body type of the patient. The permutations of pathological imbalances of the humours of Vata ,Pitta and kapha are considered. The diagnostic blend of multi factor analysis of following factors.

Udvartana :- powder massage with special powders selected as per the body type of the patient. Here the direction of massages is reverse of the hairs, this reverse massage of powders is very much relevant in the sense that it liquefies kapha( Humour), fat and gives compactness to the body and gives the best lymphatic drainage for detoxification. The lymph nodes are junctions for scavenging toxins in the body relieving edema and purifying blood.

Intelligent protocol of internal medicine elevating pain, scientific evaluation of patients state. The patient is advised diet which always pacifies Vata system and advising a sensible program of living. Along with pacification, mobility is regained and chronic pain comes under control .