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All About Ayurveda

Ayurveda stands for “Science of Life”, the most ancient structure of human life. It is the oldest medical system in the world and considered to be the old science of health that enhances and emphasizes the longevity of life. The Ayurveda teaches us in a theoretical system illustrated by balance and disorder, health and disease. Here, an individual’s mind or emotional being is hooked and any kind of imbalance between them results in health disorders, diseases and stress. Therefore, to be healthy in our day-to-day, this synchronization must exist for healing, thoughts, feelings and physical action.

Health and disease are defined very well in Ayurveda that life is a manifestation of mind, body and spirit. Body and mind are prone to suffering, thus to remain healthy, efforts required to be taken for maintaining synchronization among all the elements and then only one can get longevity and disease-free life.