Sydney is the Largest, most populous and business capital of Australia with an estimated population of over 5 million people.

Many Australians prefer to use holistic medicine to address their health and wellness. Ayurveda is one of the most popular alternative, holistic medicine practice in the world. The word "Ayurveda", in the language of Sanskrit, literarily can be translated as "Knowledge of life". Indeed it's an ocean of knowledge, treasure of truths, full of facts.

Rather than merely a medical science, it's a complete science of life- to be understood, the way of life - to be followed, the lessons of life - to be learnt.

Treating the diseases is only a part of Ayurveda, where as, at most importance has given to the preventive aspects. It teaches us how the human beings should leave in harmony with nature, as humans are also part of the mother nature.

Ayurveda believes that the human body is the representative of the whole universe, that means, body of a human being is the miniature of the whole cosmos. So whenever and whatever changes occurs in the external environment and nature, accordingly our body responds and certainly there will be changes in our body too.

Thats why Ayurveda gives more emphasis on the lifestyle that has to be changed according to the changing seasons through out the year.

Learning Ayurveda means understanding the nature. Without knowing the surrounding nature and it's components and it's behaviour, we can't understand it's influence on human body as well as human psychology.

"Food is the best medicine" A unique concept of Ayurveda.- It shows the importance Which it has given to the day today food what we take. For that only, in depth analysis of varieties of solid and liquid food materials has been done in Ayurveda.

Main purpose of Ayurveda. - While discussing about this, it teaches us that, it's not to be used for selfish purpose and materialistic wishes. It's to be used only for cure of the sufferings of the living beings.

Once we understand the philosophy of Ayurveda, it will change the way we think about life and the perception about the universe. It teaches us to look at the purpose of the life from a different angle.

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