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Ayurvedic consultation is your entry point into the world of Ayurveda.

A session of Ayurvedic consultation helps the Ayurvedic Practitioner to assess your body-mind type, imbalance and recommend the tailored lifestyle, diet, exercise, meditation and prescribe you the Ayurvedic herbs, massage therapies and detox plans as/ if needed. As Ayurveda is highly holistic, a detailed assessment of history, lifestyle, and physical examination is important to make an effective personalized Ayurveda plan for you.

During an Ayurvedic consultation, apart from traditional assessment methods, you will be assessed via Pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and assessment of your body-mind type (Prakruti). Pulse diagnosis and Tongue diagnosis are confirmatory tools for experienced Ayurvedic Practitioners to diagnose your body type and imbalance.

Pulse diagnosis is an ancient Eastern diagnostic tool to assess the body and mind. During an Ayurvedic consultation, pulse diagnosis is made preferably at the wrist with three fingers of the practitioner. The Rhythm, volume, intensity, and location of the pulse at each finger is assessed to diagnose your body type and imbalance. Pulse diagnosis gives an intricate view of one’s energy, deeper metabolism, dosha balance/imbalance, and the type of doshas involved.

Tongue diagnosis is another great tool to assess the body. The general appearance of the tongue conveys about the condition of the body in general. Different areas of the tongue represent specific organs, glands and body parts. Tongue will be looked for coating, cracks, ulcers, discolourations, movements and so on to reach into final diagnosis. Tongue diagnosis gives a deeper understanding about your digestion, general metabolism, glands, blood and muscles.

Assessment of Ayurvedic body-mind type analysis is done by a questionnaire and confirming it by pulse and tongue diagnoses. The questionnaire is detailed and asks you specific questions with quite close options to answer. Quite often you may need some guidance with questionnaire. The understanding of body-mind type helps to understand who you are and your uniqueness and helps the practitioners to make a plan that’s most effective for the unique ‘YOU’.

Ayur Healthcare: Your Path to Ayurvedic Consultation in Sydney

At Ayur Healthcare, we offer Ayurvedic consultations in Sydney, guided by ancient wisdom and personalized care. Our expert practitioners provide holistic assessments, taking into account your unique constitution, lifestyle, and imbalances. Through Ayurvedic consultations, we provide tailored recommendations for diet, herbs, lifestyle modifications, and Ayurveda therapies to restore balance and promote well-being. Experience the transformative power of Ayurveda on your journey to optimal health at Ayur Healthcare.

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