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Massage Therapies

Massage is a comprehensive part of the Ayurveda treatment program. Ayurveda has refined massage to a special treatment combining ancient skills, medicated oils, and bodywork techniques. Many of the massages make the skin resplendent, refreshed looking, supple, smooth, and soothed.
Oil massages are part of the serious massage treatments of Ayurveda. They also induce a state of heightened relaxation, improve sleep and deep sleep patterns, and enhance the sense of general wellbeing in the individual. The massages help keep at bay the everyday stresses and strains from normal daily activities.
The Ayurveda doctors read the person’s body like a map and seek out the pains, bumps, lumps, aches, and strains. Some of the bumps and pains are from stresses due to the nature of the individual’s work. Some may be caused by minor accidents or by bumping into something. The massage procedure helps resolve these residual wounds and the emotional pain too attached to it. Ayurveda massages transfer good vibes by the skill of the therapist and charge the body with electromagnetic energy


Panchakarma is the term used in general for Ayurvedic detoxification. The word Panchakarma comes from the Sanskrit term ‘Panch’- Five and ‘Karma’- Actions which means five actions/ five therapies is a Ayurvedic whole-being cleansing and rejuvenating therapy focused on the elimination of excess toxins and doshas accumulated in our body due to …

Abhyanga (Ayurveda) Massage

The complete therapy done with herbalised oils, prepared according to the ancient Ayurvedic texts. This is known as Abhyanga and the oils used will be suitable for the constitutional needs. The use of herbalised oils with specific benefits and specific techniques, help Abhyanga to provide relaxation and pain …

Ayurvedic Marma Massage

Marma refers to the vital points of the body or trigger points. It is a Sanskrit word meaning hidden or secret. A marma point is a meeting place of different tissues like muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, bones and/ or organs, making it susceptible. That is why Ayurveda considers mama as the seats of life.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you are suffering from muscular pain and stiffness, deep tissue massage is the perfect choice. Deep tissue massage, begins with lighter pressure to warm up and prepare the muscles. Then specific techniques are applied to address stiffness, tightness, knots, heaviness and pain. Common techniques include stripping and friction .


Dhanyamaladhara is the traditional liquid massage therapy where lukewarm herbal liquid( Dhanyamla) is poured in a continuous and rhythmic manner on the body. A unique and remarkable fusion of the anti-inflammatory herbs, cereals, dried ginger, lentils, etc are the part of the decoction which is precisely indicated in rheumatism,…

Dhara / Pizhichil / Herbal Liquid Stream

Dhara treatments are an effective form of relaxation therapies in the field of Ayurveda science. Dhara is a Sanskrit word meaning stream. According to the meaning, the treatment involves creating streams of herbal oils, medicated milk, or buttermilk on various body parts. Sarvanga Dhara/ Whole Body Medicated Oil, Liquid Stream.

Greeva Basti

The word Greeva Basti consists of two terms, Greeva refers to the neck and Basti means to hold something inside. The procedure does oleation and sudation around the posterior neck region simultaneously.

Janu Basti / Knee Pain Treatment

The term Janu Basti is derived from two words- Janu- which suggests Knee joint and Basti which implies to hold.

Janu Basti treatment involves herbal medicated oils that are poured for a certain duration of time …


Karnapoorna is a process of administering medicated herbal oils to the ears. Ears are one of the most important parts in our body. In today’s lifestyle because of excessive use of mobile phones, exposure to extended periods of loud noise and stress ears struggle to maintain their hearing capacity.

Kati Basti

The word Kati Basti comprises two terms, Kati refers to lower back and Basti stands for retaining something inside.
Ayurvedic Treatment Kati Basti is an intensely soothing and effective treatment in which lukewarm, herbal medicated oil is applied on the lower back with the help of black gram flour dough.

Navel Displacement

The Navel, also called the Nabhi Chakra or solar plexus in the Ayurveda natural healing science. Navel displacement is characterized by a possible shift in the navel center.

Nabhi Basti

The word Chakra Basti consists of two words, Chakra means wheel and Basti suggests a container or retaining something inside. Chakra basti is also called nabhi basti (umbilical/ navel basti). Nabhi (umbilicus) is considered as marma in Ayurveda. The Marma (vital area) is a juncture on the body ….


Nasya is the cleanse of channels of head and neck. It is one of the classics Ayurvedic detox paradigms known as Panchakarma. Nasya otherwise know as Nasal Detox is a potent restorative therapy in treating chronic sinusitis, hay fever, respiratory disorders, migraine, cataract, head aches….

Pinda Sweda

This miracle remedy is the ideal option for the muscular, neuromuscular and degenerative disorders and other systemic diseases. A herbal pouch prepared with a combination of strengthening herbs is the spot on treatment for plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, disc prolapse, osteoarthritis, …

Post Natal Massage

It is well said that delivery is a rebirth of every women. Here comes a practical and a pampering surprise for the new mums. Post natal period is exciting and highly demanding -there by debilitating- at the same time. Apart from the increased physical needs, the trauma of child birth, irregular sleep, demands of breast feeding and challenging emotional strain creates a chaos during post natal period.

Relaxation Massage

When you feel stressed after being drained by juggling your family, work, children and many more, a relaxation massage that can pamper you is the best choice. It can help to delete your stress and relax to fullest. This is a gentle massage that lubricates the skin, relaxes muscles, improves circulation, moves fluids through lymphatic system …

Netra Basti – Akshi Tarpan – Eye Treatment

Netra Basti / Akshitarpan (Ayurvedic Eyes Rejuvenation):- Askhi means eyes and tarpan means nourishment, giving strength to the eyes.

Akshi tarpan is one of the specialized treatments for various eye disorders. Akshi tarpan acts as a preventative and curative medical aid for…


Shirodhara is an extremely popular therapy for stress management, relaxation and rejuvenation. This therapy works as a reset button for your mind and body and is a great tool to balance vata. Shirodhara does wonders in diseases were stress is involved like digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, auto immune disorders, hormonal imbalances,…

Shiro – Abhyanga

Shiro abhyanga is a word comprising two terms, Shiro which suggests head and Abhyanga means massage.

Shiro Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment procedure, involving an effective way of applying warm, herb-infused oil over the head with a soothing therapeutic massage.

Spinal Massage

A spinal massage is recommended for neck pain, back pain, discomfort, heaviness and stiffness. During spinal massage a complete care is given to spine to relieve and relax all the muscles involved. During this session, massage is given to back of legs and arms as well to make it a complete therapy for back so that all the muscles, ligament and tendons …

Ayurvedic Steam Bath / Steam Room

The steam is an excellent tool to relax, detox and relief stiffness. It helps to open up channels in the body and improve detoxing. The heat helps to open up airways and relive congestion. The steam room helps to open up airways which improves your breathing and alleviates congestion. The wet heat from the steam room thins and opens the mucous membranes in the body, which helps to relieve pressure.

Takradhara / Medicated Buttermilk Stream

The meaning of Takra is Buttermilk and Dhara means Stream. Takra Dhara is an effective Ayurvedic treatment that uses medicated buttermilk. Takradhara is a form of Shirodhara where ….


Thalapothichil is an effective therapy of application of medicated paste on the head. Thalapothichil is also known as Shirolepa (anointment to head/ head pack).


Udwartanam is a gentle scrub where Ayurvedic herbal powders are rubbed by gentle strokes. It is a pleasant and ground experience that helps to improve metabolism, lymphatic drainage, circulation and dullness.

Uro- Basti / Hrid Basti

The word Hrid refers to the heart and Basti suggests container or retaining something inside. It is an efficient Ayurvedic treatment where the medicated oil is poured over the heart region.

Vamana Therapy

Vamana is an induced vomiting Panchakarma procedure. Panchakarma is the ultimate healing therapy for detoxifying the mind and the body