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Best Panchakarma massage in Sydney

The human body accumulates various toxins in the due course of life. In Ayurveda, there is a very special way to detoxify the body and achieve near pristine condition. This elaborate treatment is called Panchakarma which means five therapies. It involves nasal cleansing, enema, purging or vomiting and more. The purging involves preparing the body through massages and steam therapies as well as herbs.

After the purging, a rejuvenating diet and a regulated lifestyle are recommended. Panchakarma helps eliminate the root cause of issues and helps maintain absolutely good health. It helps the body improve its immunity and enables herbs to be more effective. Even healthy individuals can undergo Panchakarma once a year to achieve and maintain optimum health.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts describe Panchakarma to have five types of therapeutic actions. All these are designed for cleansing and eliminating residual toxic impurities in the body. The toxic elements considered also involve bad experiences, emotional aftereffects, wear and tear due to environmental factors and such. The goal is to regain harmony and good health.

The initial preparation involved administering a combination of ghee and oils – externally and internally. This is followed by warm herbal oil massages like Abhyanga, Shiro Dhara, etc. Another part of the treatment is Swedana which involves a combination of medicated steam baths in combination with warm oil massages. This has a great calming effect on the body and mind and helps removes the pain.

You can get the best Panchakarma massage in Parramatta, Sydney at the Ayur Healthcare Clinic. Here you can get a personal consultation with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner where your health history and lifestyle issues can be discussed. Your physical, mental and emotional aspects will be explored and this will guide the practitioners in making recommendations on treatments and medicines after determining the body type and the imbalances or doshas in the body.

The massages are administered by well qualified and experienced Ayurvedic therapists at the clinic. You will have evaluations, updates and one-on-one counseling sessions with the Ayurvedic practitioners at the clinic.

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