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Ayurvedic Treatment for VERTIGO

Vertigo is derived from Latin word ‘verto’ which means ‘a whirling or spinning  movement’, Vertigo happens when there is a problem in a part of the  estibular system, the part of the ear which controls our body balance


The causes of Vertigo are Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Meniere’s disease, labyrinthitis, Vestibular neuritis with labyrinthitis, Vestibular Migraine, Acoustic neuroma, Decreased blood flow to the base of the brain, Multiple sclerosis, Migraines, Brain tumours, Brain injury, arteriosclerosis, Neck injury, excessive carbon monoxide, alcohol and aspirin Excessive grief, Instability, Lack of self-control, Pride, Nature of telling lies, Cruelty, exhibition of vanity, aspiration for self-flattering, emotion and excitement, Desire or lust, Anger, Depletion of tissues, consumption of mutually incompatible foods and forcibly controlling of natural urges.


Change in the position of the head often triggers Vertigo. People feel that they are as if they are – spinning, tilting, swaying, unbalanced, pulled to one direction. The symptoms are Sensation of spinning, Nausea, Vomiting, Unsteadiness, Falls, Changes in thoughts, Difficulty in walking, Blurred vision, Difficulty speaking, Lowered level of consciousness,
Hearing loss


Peripheral Vertigo – Causes are BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), Meniere’s disease, superior canal dehiscence syndrome, labyrinthitis, visual vertigo common cold causing inflammation , influenza, bacterial infections, physical trauma and Motion sickness

Central vertigo – Causes are injury to the balance centres of the central nervous system (CNS), often from a lesion in the brainstem or cerebellum Objective vertigo – in this vertigo the person feel the sensation that stationary objects around him are moving

Subjective vertigo – in this vertigo person feels as if they are moving.

Pseudo-vertigo – in this vertigo there is an intense sensation of rotation inside the head. In Ayurveda Vertigo is correlated or resembles which means ‘to  move’ or ‘to rotate’ or ‘to spin’.

Bhrama is caused by the vitiation of Vata and Pitta dosha along with involvement of Rajo guns. This affects the brain and causes Bhrama. Bhrama is a explained in the context of Murcha which means loss of consciousness or fainting. Though it is different in Murcha because in Bhrama person only experiences a spin or things rotating around him.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Vertigo Ayur Healthcare treats Bhrama(Vertigo) following the classical Ayurveda books in which the treatment of Bhrama starts with daily consumption of medicated Sneha (ghee or oil), Nasal drops, therapeutic purgation, herbal massages, head massage, stream pouring of medicated oils or milk over the head, herbal pastes application over the head and Filling of the ear with medicated oil (Karnapoorana)


Ayur Healthcare will recommend the right diet and lifestyle modification after an initial consultation. chocolates, foods high in sodium and fried foods, oily foods, smoking, tobacco and drinking should be avoided.


More than treatment prevention from vertigo is more important as it may cause other complications. Prevention like losing your balance which can lead falls and injuries, Sit down immediately when you feel dizzy, If you get up at night, make sure that you are using good lighting, If you are at a risk of falling, walk with a support, Avoid sudden jerky movements, avoid tilting of head for a long time, Avoid driving, Avoid operating heavy machines, Wear shoes with low heels, non-slippery soles and always see that they are tied, Sleep well for at least 8 hours, Sleep without pillow for better blood circulation to the brain, Develop healthy lifestyle, Control high blood pressure (hypertension), Control high cholesterol, control stress and anxiety and practise breathing exercises and meditation, avoid computers Take breaks from computers, avoid pulling or lifting heavy loads and take slow and long breathing when you feel dizziness