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Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is a neurological condition that causes abnormalities in the brain resulting difficulties in the intake and processing of the information. The term was first used by Samuel Kirk in 1963.The processing of the information includes nature and speed of processing in case of visual processing and auditory processing. It can be in the area of listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning and mathematical calculations. They may have social problems as well and often feel neglected. It can be due to genetics, prenatal or peri natal causes like prolonged labor, alcohols, low birth weight, oxygen deprivation. Learning disabilities can also be due to accidents post birth, malnutrition, heavy metal poisoning or emotional disturbances. It can be identified through psychological or educational testing.

Ayur Healthcare’s holistic approach on the learning disabilities deals with the receiving and acquisition of learning skills, planning, attention, time management and improving the social skills. The experts from the Ayur health care carefully analyses the doshik constitution of the body and the disease .In learning disability Vata is the main culprit for the disorganised mechanisms. Prana Vayu controls and regulated the impulses in the brain. Sadhaka pitha is the fire factor which helps in the association of things. Tarpaka Kapha is the one who gives proper nourishment to the tissue.

Ayur Healthcare’s treatment modalities focused on children’s learning disabilities is based on opening up the “Srotas” which are different channels in the body .According to Ayurveda it is through these channels the different cells and tissues of the body get nutrition. It is also through these channels the medicinal effect passes through. There can be blocks in these srotas which can hinder the functions of the normal functioning of the body .To open up these channels is the primary step in the learning disability management. Panchakarma is the one and only one solution for that.

Ayur Healthcare has experts in the Panchakarma and the management of learning disabilities. The first step Ayur Healthcare goes through is the diagnosis of the affected channels and the doshik constitution and the intensity in which the Doshas are affected. Once the primary diagnosis is done Ayurcare carefully select herbs according to the body constitution and the Panchakarma therapies to suit the age and constitution of the child. Before the commencement of the Panchakarma therapies one should be prepared for the procedures by cleansing the whole body. The principle Ayur Healthcare follows behind this is that the channels can get blocked due to the irrational dietary habits and life style of the child. So to correct the life style and improve the digestive fire is the preliminary step followed by elimination of the toxins in the learning disability management.

Ayur Healthcare has a wide variety of herbal drugs to choose from depending upon the potential and achievement of the child. These herbs are in the form of decoctions, Ghee’s, tablet, powders, creams and oils. While administering these herbs the child has to follow a strict diet pattern under the guidance of the expert physician from the Ayur Healthcare. Some of the herbs like Bhrami, Aswagandha, and Mandookaparni decrease excitatory neuro transmitters in the brain and helps in the proper conduction of impulses, improvement of the memory power and learning capacities. These herbal medications are completely risk free with proven benefits. The Panchakarma procedures will help in the intellectual improvement, language processing, visual and auditory perception, verbal and nonverbal learning.

Ayur Healthcare specially focuses on Indriyas and indriyarthas because almost 4% of the child population between the age group   0-14 are affected with learning disabilities in Australia. The rate of disability is more for boys than that of girls. In any of these cases the channels of the Vata should be cleared because the occlusion of Vyana Vayu (sub type of Vata) to Prana Vayu results in the loss of the sense and diminished memories. Later these can manifest as physical symptoms. Ayur Healthcare’s special packages of purgation following the ghrita Paana and Abhyanga will help in collecting all the toxins from the channels and thereby eliminating it through purgation. The nasal drops used by Ayur care in this condition can do wonders in learning disabilities by stimulating the brain tissues. Ayur Healthcare’s nasal herbal medications are specially processed and they act by the way of passing blood brain barrier. Only ghee medications and alcohols can pass these barriers and rejuvenate the brain

Ayur Healthcare packages following nasal medications include Sirodhara or Siropichu depending upon the condition of the child. Vasti prepared out of different herbal medications processed out of milk can do wonderful results. Once all the prescribed herbal medications and therapies are over Ayur Healthcare advises to follow Rasayana therapy as a brain stimulator and rejuvenator.