Ayurveda tips and secrets for beautiful hair

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Glossy hair is something every woman wishes for! Healthy hair symbolizes a healthy body. Have you wondered how to get lustrous locks? Well, here’s a rundown on how to put the shine back in your hair and improve your health at the same time.

Eating healthy

Your diet is key to healthy hair and nails! Healthy hair is a result of bone metabolism & if your diet nourishes the bone tissue as well as purifies the fat tissue, your hair health will improve. Many people take lots of Calcium to strengthen their hair, but if the fat tissue is filled with Ama – the toxic waste-product of incorrect digestion, Calcium will not help. The fat tissue Impurities cause weakened bone production which is reflected in dull hair, weak nails, and problematic skin.

No Junk food

Healthy foods for strengthening hair

  • Include foods that help the growth of healthy hair in your menu like sweet, juicy fruits, cooked greens, and leafy green vegetables with a bitter taste.
  • Seasoning vegetables with equal parts of Fenugreek, Cumin, Turmeric, and Coriander, sautéed in ghee, will also help purify the fat tissue and strengthen bone tissue.
  • Healthy fats like Olive oil or Ghee in cooking is recommended.
  • Avoid foods that are difficult to digest and create ama (digestive impurities).
  • Stay away from excessive amounts of refined sugars; ice-cold drinks; cold food straight from the refrigerator; leftovers; processed and packaged foods; unhealthy fats; and heavy, deep-fried foods.

You should follow the diet that provides balance for you as an individual.

Warm oil massages

Massage the hair with warm oil twice a week if your hair is dry. If the hair is oily, massaging once a week is enough. A warm-oil massage stimulates the scalp and helps moisturize the hair and scalp. Ayurvedic hair spa Sydney will be an added advantage for hair maintenance. 

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Exercise regularly

Doing Yogasanas or Yoga postures will also help balance fat metabolism and bring on healthy hair.

Herbal products for healthy hair

Consider using herbal products to wash and treat hair. Avoid using harsh commercial shampoos and conditioners that contain chemicals, as these can strip the luster from your hair and cause harm.

The herbal formula assists to produce balance in the system internally to produce shiny hair. The Ayurvedic treatment Sydney does not just provide powerful nourishment for the hair to produce healthy lustrous hair but can bring peace of mind as well.

Healthy Foods at Night for a healthy You!

Green Leafy Vegetables

As per Ayurveda, what we eat affects our body and mind! The timings of our meals are equally important. It’s said that Breakfast is the King’s meal, Lunch is called the Queen’s meal and Dinner a Pauper’s meal. But many of us tend to skip dinner as we feel that eating at night will make us fat. But, dinner is one thing that you need to be very careful about! As the last meal of the day, it is important to have it at the correct time and eat the right thing and it tends to be healthy for your body.

Eating a few foods creates an imbalance in the Kapha Dosha and you must avoid eating them at night. Junk food, oily food, non-vegetarian items, frozen food, heavy-to-digest food, curd, or ice cream are definitely not preferable as they are harmful to health.  There are few ayurvedic superfoods that can be practiced for being healthy. At night as such, you surely do not need these. If you have a craving to eat them try eating lesser quantities.

Fruits Vegetable Salad

Eating these harmful foods will cause:

  • Cough and cold
  • Weight gain
  • Vomiting sensation
  • Indigestion
  • Excessive salivation in the morning
  • Allergies

Eat food that is easy to digest at night

Here are some rules to follow for healthy eating at night:

  • If you are particular on eating curd at night, replace it with buttermilk.
  • Chapathis are a good choice over rice since they are easier and quicker to digest.
  • Overstuffing yourself certainly is not recommended
  • Eat-in limited quantities
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Try to include more of dal, green leafy vegetables, curry leaves, and ginger in your meal.
  • Cut down on salt intake.
  • Include spices in your food.
  • Reduce the sugar intake and replace it with honey.
  • If you prefer drinking milk before you sleep, drink low-fat milk.
  • Always boil the milk before drinking it.

As the body does not perform any physical activity at night, it requires less energy and overeating at night makes you fat. Try healthy eating for a healthy change! 

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