Abhyanga (Ayurveda) Massage

60 min $100

The complete therapy done with herbalised oils, prepared according to the ancient Ayurvedic texts. This is known as Abhyanga and the oils used will be suitable for the constitutional needs. The use of herbalised oils with specific benefits and specific techniques, help Abhyanga to provide relaxation and pain relieving at the same time. Long relaxing strokes, triggers at pressure points and other strokes that can address stiffness, knots and relax the system are used to achieve desired results. Abhyanga provides lubrication to skin, improves circulation, reduces stiffness and provides calmness. It can be modified to address almost any needs by using the right oil and right techniques. It can be done just once or repeatedly for a number of days as desired. A session of steam helps to boost the results.

Abhyanga Massage With Steam 75 min $ 120

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