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Looking for Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage at Australia?

Ayur Healthcare Clinic based at Paramatta in New South Wales offers a range of therapeutic Ayurvedic massages, treatments and procedures. You are also offered Yoga and Homeopathy for your wellbeing. This modern clinic offers highly advanced treatments based on ancient medical practices that are holistic and bring about wellbeing.

The clinic offers Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage administered by knowledgeable practitioners and qualified Ayurveda practitioners. First, you undergo a consultation process during which your body type, your lifestyle and the issues you have are discussed and analyzed. The physical structure, the mental, the intellectual and emotional blend is determined the right procedures.

Ayur Healthcare Clinic experts create the best solutions that are specific to you. The procedures and treatments are designed to not just correct the bodily imbalances but also to clear out the root cause of the disease. As the whole process and procedures are holistic, there are no side-effects.

The Abhyanga Massage is done with herbalized oils that are prepared in accordance with ancient Ayurvedic texts. The oils used will depend on the constitution of the person as specific herbal oils and techniques deliver the desired effects. The massage has dual benefit of relaxing the body and relieving pains and aches at the same time. It relaxes the pressure points, removes stiffness and knots and relaxes the body. The medicated oils used during Abhyanga lubricate the skin, improves circulation and calms the nerves. The massage is followed by a steam session.

Abhyanga massage can be done as per the requirement of the individual’s constitution. Sometimes the entire body is massaged with medicated oil. Sometimes only specific parts like the head, feet of joints are massaged. The purpose is to relieve stress and tensions in those regions of the body. The warm oils infused with herbs are gently massaged into the skin, relaxing and detoxifying the body. It helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the body and makes the person more healthy and energetic. At Ayur Healthcare Clinic, you can first consult the Ayurveda practitioners and check which massage is suited for you. You can do Shirodhara massage, Abhyanga or Panchakarma treatment including a session of the relaxing Indian Head Massage at the Clinic which is conveniently located at Sydney.

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