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We focus on natural healing, rejuvenation and renewal of body and soul. Ayur Healthcare practitioners adhere to the highest standards of care, and provide natural, Ayurvedic treatments for diseases with Ayurvedic herbs, Ayurvedic Detox Panchakarma, Diet & Lifestyle modification.

Panchakarma treatments

In Ayurvedic texts it is stated that rejuvenation must take place on the
physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Check your body symptoms to know if you want detox panchakarma?

  •  Are you always feeling tired & unable to focus anymore?
  •  Do you have an anxious, restless or foggy mind?
  • Body aches and pains ailing you?
  • Any digestive issues, constipation or diarrhoea troubling you?
  • Are you suffering from regular skin issues?
  • Suffering from acute or chronic diseases?

Pre Panchakarma

Before starting a physical rejuvenation program like Panchakarma, the body must be cleansed from the inside. Usually, herbal decoctions are taken orally which cleanses the stomach & intestines of the toxins. Deep rooted purification is done to reach the deeper bodily tissues where the rejuvenation process begins.The body is prepared by administering herbal ghee in required quantity depending on the type of body constitution. Herbal ghee helps in diluting the toxins, lubrication of channels in the body for easy expulsion of toxins.


All the five therapies like Vamana, Virechana, Niroohavasti, Nasya & Anuvasanavasti togetherly contribute to Panchakarma treatment.

Post Panchakarma:

Ayur Healthcare Ayurveda practitioners’ advice specific diet pattern to maintain the digestive fire depending on the grade of detoxification done

Benefits of taking Panchakarma treatments

  •  Rejuvenates the cells, tissues in the bod
  •  Helps you to lose weight and you feel lighter
  •  Helps restore metabolic fire (Agni).
  •  Improves complexion, texture & tone of the skin.
  •  Induces deep relaxation and decreased stress.
  •  Improves digestion power & immunity
  •  Enhances good memory & sleep.
  •  Assists balancing of all three doshas.
  •  Helps fight any chronic ailments.
  •  Helps in anti-ageing.
  • Boosts up the immune system.
  •  Opens blocked channels in the body
  • Helps to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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