Ayurvedic Consultation:

Ayurvedic consultation is your entry point into the world of Ayurveda. A session of Ayurvedic consultation helps the Ayurvedic Practitioner to assess your body mind type, imbalance and recommend you the tailored lifestyle, diet, exercise, meditation and prescribe you the Ayurvedic herbs, massage therapies and detox plans as/ if needed. As Ayurveda is highly holistic, a detailed assessment of history, lifestyle and physical examination is important to make an effective personalised Ayurveda plan for you. During an Ayurvedic consultation, apart from traditional assessment methods you will be assessed via Pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and assessment of your body-mind type (Prakruti). Pulse diagnosis and Tongue diagnosis are confirmatory tools for experienced Ayurvedic Practitioners to diagnose your body type and imbalance.

Pulse diagnosis is an ancient Eastern diagnostic tool to assess the body and mind. During an Ayurvedic consultation pulse diagnosis is made preferably at wrist with three fingers of the practitioner. Rhythm, volume, intensity and location of pulse at each finger is assessed to diagnose your body type and imbalance. Pulse diagnosis gives an intricate view of one’s energy, deeper metabolism, dosha balance/imbalance and the type of doshas involved.

Tongue diagnosis is another great tool to assess the body. The general appearance of tongue conveys about condition of the body in general. Different areas of tongue represents specific organs, glands and body parts. Tongue will be looked for coating, cracks, ulcers, discolourations, movements and so on to reach into final diagnosis. Tongue diagnosis gives a deeper understanding about your digestion, general metabolism, glands, blood and muscles.

Assessment of body mind type analysis is done by a questionnaire and confirming it by pulse and tongue diagnoses. The questionnaire is detailed and asks you specific questions with quite close options to answer. Quite often you may need some guidance with questionnaire. The understanding of body-mind type helps to understand who you are and your uniqueness and helps the practitioners to make a plan that’s most effective for the unique ‘YOU’.


Standard Ayurvedic consultation:

60 min| $89 $78

A standard Ayurveda consultation aims at curing a disease by analysing the root cause, pacifying it with the therapies and therapeutics, and then preventing its reoccurrences in the future by lifestyle and diet modification and detox. The body constitution and the abnormalities which form the root of the ailment is inspected and examined. It’s  an opportunity to voice the bodily and psychological pain. A constructive diet and lifestyle guidelines are instructed depending upon ones constitution and various other factors. Ayurvedic consultation gives a unique opportunity to assess and address your different systems and their interaction.


Quick consultation:

30 min | $70

Quick consultation is recommended for someone who has an understanding of their body type and following an Ayurvedic lifestyle but looking for some assistance with present imbalance via herbs, massage therapies and/detox.

Body type consultation /Lifestyle consultation:

40 min | $75

A body type/Lifestyle consultation is recommended for healthy individuals to know their Ayurvedic mind-body type (Prakruti) and to learn the tailored lifestyle, diet, meditation and exercise. Lifestyle consultation offers the great opportunity to understand yourself better and enjoy your health and happiness at fullest. Understanding your mind-body type can help you with your emotional and mental health as well.


Follow up consultation:

30 min | $66 $56
Follow up consultation helps to assess the progress of the plan prepared during initial consultation and make necessary adjustments with dose of the herbs and frequency of therapies as the body improves. More over Ayurvedic healing is planned in a number of stages like improving metabolism using herbs, eliminating toxins via detox, balancing the doshas and so on. So timely follow up consultations are important to assess the progress and to make necessary changes with the treatment plan.



60 min | $100

Abhyanga is a substantial revitalizing therapy that ensures a relaxed body and a calm mind. This Ayurvedic hot oil massage establishes its effects through the combination of the massage techniques and the herbalised oils used. Abhyanga nourishes the skin and its layers leaving it smooth and purified. The magic of the warm oil massaged over the body works well on almost all pain and stressful body conditions like muscle, tendon, fascia, spine and joint issues, skin diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, stress and so on. Abhyanga is the total therapy that can be adjusted to meet almost any needs of the body and balance all doshas by using different herbalised oils and different techniques.

The session begins with a head massage using warm herbalised oil followed by massage on the legs, arms, back and abdomen and finished by a relaxing massage on face. The experience of Abhyanga is lifted at Ayur Healthcare by warm foot scrub, relaxing eye pads, gentle music and grounding atmosphere. A standard session of Abhyanga lasts for one hour and an extended session for around 90 minutes. Adding a session of steam followed by Abhyanga boosts the results and helps with detoxifying, relaxing and relieving pain and stiffness. Multiple sessions are recommended for long lasting results and to address specific illnesses.

Abhyanga 90 min $140

Abhyanga 60 min with steam $120



60 min | $ 130

Shirodhara is an extremely popular therapy for stress management, relaxation and rejuvenation.  This therapy works as a reset button for your mind and body and is a great tool to balance vata. Shirodhara does wonders in diseases were stress is involved like digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, auto immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, sleep issues and many more. It plays the role of an efficient stress management by synchronising the state of the mind, thus helping in mood swings. Shirodhara has a relaxing attribute and its calming essence standardizes the sleep, emotions and the regular mechanism of the brain. It is an efficient way for the nervous system and the brain to achieve its state of relaxation.

A session of Shirodhara begins with a head massage followed by streaming a gentle flow of warm oil at third eye (the chakra at forehead). Depending upon the condition, decoctions, oil or buttermilk can be used to yield a desirable outcome, however oils are more widely used. A standards session takes around one hour and an extended session for 90 minutes. The results of Shirodhara can be boosted by preparing the body with Abhyanga (Ayurvedic hot oil massage) prior to Shirodhara.  Multiple sessions are recommended for long lasting results and to address specific illnesses.

Shirodhara 90 min | $ 180

Abhyanga and Shirodhara 2 hours | $ 200



45 min | $90

Nasya is the cleanse of channels of head and neck. It is one of the classics Ayurvedic detox paradigms known as Panchakarma. Nasya otherwise know as nasal detox is a potent restorative therapy in treating chronic sinusitis, hay fever, respiratory disorders, migraine, cataract, head aches, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder, aphonia, stress and for mental and emotional health.  Multiple sessions are recommended for long lasting results and to address specific illnesses.

During Nasya, medicated oil is administered to nose after giving a thorough sinus, head and neck massage and elaborate steam. After administering the oil to nose, again a quick massage is given to vital points to improve absorption. The session ends by applying an aromatic herbal smoke.

The influence of Nasya in the cerebral cortex area produces a stimulatory effect resulting in a complete nasal detoxification and symptomatic relief. Nasya is also recommended for hormonal balance by improving pituitary control. The effects of Nasya can be boosted by Abhyanga (Ayurvedic hot oil massage) and steam therapies.

Quick session of Abhyanga, Steam and Nasya: 70 min $130

Abhyanga, Steam and Nasya:  100 min $170



60-90 min | $140-$190

This miracle remedy is the ideal option for the muscular, neuromuscular and  degenerative  disorders and other systemic diseases. A herbal pouch prepared with a combination of strengthening herbs  is the spot on treatment for plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, disc prolapse, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, weakness, hemiplegiaand various other nervous diseases.  Multiple sessions are recommended for long lasting results and to address specific illnesses.


The pouch is prepared using a combination of fresh herbs, dry herbs, powders and/ or rejuvenating grains by tying in a piece of cloth. After massaging the body with hot oil, this warm pouch is applied through out the body to provide gentle yet deep tissue massage. This session is relaxing, pain relieving, lubricating and provides lightness to the body. Different types of Pinda sweda are available according to the content of the pouch.



60 min | $140

Dhanyamaladhara is the traditional liquid massage therapy where lukewarm herbal liquid( Dhanyamla) is poured in a continuous and rhythmic manner on the body. A unique and remarkable fusion of the anti-inflammatory  herbs, cereals, dried ginger, lentils, etc are the part of the decoction which is precisely indicated in rheumatism, weight loss programme, paralysis, muscle ache and stiffness. It heals the inflammation present in the body by providing adequate blood flow and improves the activity of the internal organs. Dhanyamladhara is an ideal therapy to begin an Ayurvedic treatment plan as it controls inflammation and improves metabolism very effectively.  Multiple sessions are recommended for long lasting results and to address specific illnesses.


Panchakarma ( ayurvedic detox)

Panchakarma is derived from two Sanskrit words meaning five therapies. These are five elaborate treatment plans that help to detox the body effectively and deeply.  The detox is planned based on a major detoxifying channel of the body by administering a nasal cleanse, enema, purge or vomiting. Before administering the detox, body is prepared using different massage and steam therapies and herbs. After the cleanse, rejuvenating diet and lifestyle are recommended to boosts the detox results and rejuvenate the body. Panchakarma/ Ayurvedic detox helps in the elimination of root causes and maintenance of absolute health. It is recommended in almost any disease to cleanse the body and to improve immunity so that herbs work better to correct the pathology. For healthy individuals it is recommended once a year to maintain absolute health and prevent illnesses.


60 min | $160

Ayurvedic herbal scrub that helps to boost metabolism, lymphatic drainage and fat metabolism. It is highly recommended in heaviness, obesity, lifestyle disorders, thyroid disorders, kapha imbalance, pain, depression, hormonal imbalance, pimples, skin disorders and so on. The session begins with a gentle head massage followed by gentle scrub through out the body which leaves you light, refreshed and rejuvenated. Multiple sessions are recommended for better results.



60 min | $100 ; with steam $120

90 min | $140 ; with steam $160

It is well said that delivery is a rebirth  of every women. Here comes a practical and a pampering surprise for the new mums. Post natal period is exciting and highly demanding -there by debilitating- at the same time. Apart from the increased physical needs, the trauma of child birth, irregular sleep, demands of breast feedingand challenging emotional strain creates a chaos during post natal period. A well nourishing session of Post natal massage using herbalised oils helps to relax, lubricate and rejuvenate the body. It helps with pains, aches and stiffness and to prevent post natal depression and other possible musculoskeletal skeletal disorders of this period.

A session of steam boosts the results of Post natal massage and traditionally considered as an indispensable part of post natal care. Post natal massage promotes the functional capacity of the tendons, muscles and nerves which are in a stressful condition and enhances the milk secretion. The calmness and a stress free mind are assured by this massage. It plays a superior role in balancing the hormones by the ayurvedic natural hormone balancing herbs and thus guarantees a result on discomfort and fatigue.  Multiple sessions are recommended for long lasting results and to address specific illnesses.

*The duration of sessions are approximate.