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The best ways to treat anxiety disorder in Australia 

Excessive anxiety is a disorder and is also called Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) or Chittodvege in Ayurveda parlance. It is generally accepted as a psychological and physiological state. The condition is usually displayed by cognitive, somatic, emotional and behavioral issues.

The patient may also feel nausea, shortness of breath, chills, and palpitations. In some cases, soreness and dryness of mouth, headache, abdominal pain and diarrhea are also witnessed. The patient will have difficulty in sleeping will seem irritable, pale will have difficulty in concentrating and will be sweating or trembling. In some cases, there could be unexplained fear, fatigue, and cramps of muscles followed by pain.

This issue is generally more prevalent among senior individuals. Sometimes the disorder is seen along with dementia, depression, and fear. The treatment is done by first identifying the disease-causing root cause before a personalized treatment course is determined. Anxiety disorders can be seen in early adulthood too. Such cases need to be screened early and the rehabilitative techniques with personalized help can be done at Ayur Healthcare through ayurvedic practitioners in Sydney, Australia.

Many of the causative factors of such anxieties are witness to be genetic or even environmental factors. Some have anxiety towards very normal life situations and stimulations like light, heights or water. Such things cannot be avoided and hence the person is totally distressed at various times. The personalized help provided by Ayur Healthcare can help in resolving these conditions through effective Ayurveda and Yoga treatments and return the person to normal and better life-conditions.

At Ayur Healthcare, such issues are dealt with through a range of specialized herbal care programs. This will include special Thalams, Sirodhara and Thalapothichil treatments which can take 5 days, 7days or 14 days depending on the severity and condition of the patient. These treatments are designed to stimulate the release of beneficial chemicals in the brain naturally produced in the body like serotonin dopamine and noradrenaline in a proper and controlled way. These organic chemicals that function in the brain help in regulating the mood and help in reviving health to the nerves and impulses of the individual.

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