Swetha Hegde

Certified Yoga Teacher / Instructor

Qualification: MSc Yoga Therapy, RYT 500 , Certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher & Registered Member Of Yoga Australia .

With over 8 years of immersive teaching experience in various forms of yoga, I am a dedicated practitioner and instructor committed to fostering holistic health and wellness. My journey in yoga began with a foundational training at A1000 Yoga School, where I obtained my Level 1 certification aligned with Yoga Alliance standards. Since then, I have expanded my expertise to encompass specialized areas such as yoga therapy, prenatal yoga, relaxation techniques, and meditation practices.

Teaching Journey

I commenced my teaching journey by conducting sessions in my apartment, gradually transitioning to instructing prenatal yoga for expecting mothers in renowned institutions like Cloud Nine, 9 Months, and Kangaroo Care in Bangalore, India. My proficiency in Hatha yoga enabled me to cater to diverse audiences, including corporate clients and individuals seeking personalised instruction.

Upon relocating to Australia, I seamlessly adapted to online teaching, serving both existing and new clients across various locations, including Adelaide, Canada, and the USA. In 2019, I deepened my understanding of therapeutic yoga by completing a rigorous 500-hour course at Shantarasa Australia, focusing on yoga chikitisa (therapy-oriented yoga). This advanced training equipped me with the skills to conduct individualised sessions aimed at healing specific ailments and promoting overall well-being.

Educational Pursuits

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, I pursued a master's degree in yoga science therapy from Svyasa Deemed University in Bangalore, India, from 2019 to 2022. This comprehensive program delved into ancient yogic texts, practical applications of yoga techniques, and hands-on experiences working with patients. Embracing an integrated approach to healing, I gained insights into the synergy between traditional yoga practices and modern medicine, emphasizing self-realization as a key component of wellness.

Commitment to Well-being

Throughout my teaching career, I have remained dedicated to collaborating with individuals on their wellness journey. Whether guiding students through rejuvenating yoga Nidra sessions, leading therapeutic classes tailored to specific health conditions, or facilitating pre and pregnancy yoga sessions, my ultimate goal is to empower others to enhance their health and overall well-being through the transformative power of yoga.

In essence, my profile reflects a journey marked by continuous learning, compassionate teaching, and a steadfast commitment to fostering holistic health and wellness for all.