60 min $ 130

Marma refers to the vital points of the body or trigger points. It is a Sanskrit word meaning hidden or secret. A marma point is a meeting place of different tissues like muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, bones and/ or organs, making it susceptible. That is why Ayurveda considers mama as the seats of life.

During a session of marma massage, the vital points are triggered by special techniques to improve the flow of life force (prana) through body leaving you energised and relaxed. Marma massage also works as a deep tissue massage and helps with pain, stiffness, tightness and knots in body. Marma massage is done using herbalised oils so that effects are boosted. Marma massage followed by a session of steam brings out better and long lasting results.

Massage with Steam 75 min $ 150