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Homeopathy health services at Parramatta, New South Wales

One of the seasonal health issues that can be easily treated through homeopathy consultation at the Ayur Healthcare Clinic at Parramatta in New South Wales, Sydney is hay-fever. Hay-fever or Allergic rhinitis does not need exposure to hay to cause a runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin, repeated sneezing, stuffy nose or fatigue due to bad sleep.

Normally it is caused by something in the atmosphere which can be dust, pollen of flowers or grass, etc. Sometimes it can be caused by dust mites, cockroaches or the presence of mold. It is the body’s overreaction to a foreign particle from nature which normally does not cause issues for most people. For some people, their body’s immune system is sensitive to these particles and overreacts.

It is witnessed that Homeopathy has effective remedies for Hay-fever. It is sought after for the virtually ‘zero-side effects’ medicines and treatment. Homeopathy is safe and preferred for people of all ages but children and aged find it particularly good as the Homeopathy medicines are much easier to take. It is also proven that for a lot of people, Homeopathy is more effective than other medicines for curing allergy issues like Hay-fever. To book a consultation at the Ayur Healthcare Clinic, all one has to do is call on telephone number 0296357159 to reach their clinic in Sydney. You can also write to them for information on info@ayurhealthcare.com.au. Over a short period, people who are on Homeopathy medicines feel more energetic and find their mood coming back to normal, making them feel good.

This is because Homeopathy is a natural and holistic medical system that helps the body build resistance to the pollen and other particles. It is not about curing for the one time alone but getting rid of the issue for a very long time or all together.

When you visit the clinic, you will be given a thorough examination and the medical practitioner will go through your family history, your personal medical history and check for the factors that led to the hay-fever attacks. An appropriate medicine is chosen and with a bit of tweaking, it is perfected to the most appropriate and effective remedy for you alone. Homeopathy follows a very individual and personalized prescription method. It is the reason why Homeopathy has been very effective for a lot of people.

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