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Homeopathic remedies for common ailments

Homeopathy in Parramatta, or Homeopathic Medicine, is an alternative system of medicine that embraces a holistic, natural approach to the treatment of illnesses. Homeopathic products are manufactured from plants, minerals or animals. These products are often made as sugar pellets to be placed under the tongue, ointments, gels, drops, creams, and tablets.

Here are some Homeopathic remedies for common ailments

Arnica (mountain daisy): A great remedy used in sports medicine and first aid. It deals with the shock and trauma of the injury. Arnica helps to reduce pain and speeds up the healing process. Arnica can also be used as a topical external application in a gel, ointment, or spray form for healing sprains and strains as well as black and blue bruising.

Chamomilla (chamomile): It soothes the irritable infant suffering especially from teething or Colic. When the infant cries incessantly, and nothing seems to provide any relief, Chamomilla calms down the child. A great relief for the parents!

Hypericum (St. John’s wort): It is the first medicine to consider for nerve injuries especially to the fingers, toes, and back. Used for any injury with shooting pains.

Magnesia Phosphorica (phosphate of magnesia): Used as an effective remedy for cramps, including menstrual cramps.

Ignatia (St. Ignatius bean): It is reputed as one of the leading homeopathic medicines for people having acute grief, anxiety, and depression, especially after a death or separation from a loved one.

Allium Cepa (onion): Used as a frequent remedy for the common cold and hay fever. It gives relief when there is a thin, watery, and burning nasal discharge that irritates the nostrils.

Nux vomica (poison nut): It is the medicine for ailments made worse by using conventional or recreational drugs. Nux Vomica is also a common remedy for treating symptoms of overeating or drinking too much alcohol.

Rhus tox (poison ivy): As the most common remedy for sprains and strains Rhus Tox is especially indicated when a person experiences pain on the initial motion which is reduced the more the person continues to move. Also often given to people with the flu or arthritis who experience a similar type of pain.

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