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Body Type Consultation at Ayur Healthcare, Australia

Every human body has a constitution that is identified by Ayurveda. It is something that is constant and does not change. This constitution is divided up as a combination of Vata, Pitha and Kapha and the individual will have a predominance of one of these.

This constitution continues throughout the entire life of the individual. It is when there are imbalances to this individual’s constitution caused by climatic changes, lifestyle factors and variations in diet that lead to ailments.

At Ayur Healthcare, body type consultation along with lifestyle consultation is undertaken to determine your constitution. The Body type/Lifestyle consultation is recommended so that once the “Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type” of the individual is known.

The nature (Prakruti) of the individual is determined on which will be based on the recommendations on diet, medication, exercise. It plays an important role in determining the emotional and mental health of the individual as well.

All the herbs and body therapies for prevention of diseases, maintaining health and reversing chronic ailments will be based on the understanding of the individual’s body type. To know the Ayurvedic body type accurately, you can consult Ayur Healthcare’s practitioners at their facility at George Street, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.

The qualified Ayurveda medical practitioners at Ayur Healthcare can assess the body type by checking the pulse, analyzing the vital signs and cues and asking general health and lifestyle questions.

This determines the “Prakriti” of the individual which is the natural state of the elements of nature aligned with the individual. A state of equilibrium of the “Prakriti” which is the combination of the doshas indicates good health. It is when this equilibrium is breached that diseases are caused.

Knowing your body type helps you understand what foods to eat more and what all to avoid. It helps determine which foods will be difficult for digestion for certain body types. A good diet recommended by Ayurveda helps deliver optimum mind, body and emotion benefits for the individual.

For knowing more about how to determine your body time or to book an appointment for body type consultation at Ayur Healthcare, log on to www.ayurhealthcare.com.au.

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