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Get the Best Ayurvedic Massages in Sydney!

Ayurvedic massages helps in many aches and pain related issues ie back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow and overall wellness of the body. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic medicine of India that aims to create balance within the body. Ayurvedic therapy works on the belief that all life forms have a mix of three Doshas (energies) called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Any health disorders or diseases are caused by the imbalance of Doshas in the body.  Ayurvedic massage treatment in Sydney  at Ayur Healthcare has been considered one of the best.

Ayurvedic massages are considered the best treatments for pain relief without side effects. Pain can be caused due to various diseases and most of the patients prefer to go for Ayurvedic massages to reduce or fix pain. Ayur Healthcare, Sydney is one such Ayurvedic treatment centre where patients have found relief to plenty of ailments. The massages given here are best suited for unwinding & pain relief depending upon the application and method used.

Abhyanga, Marma massages, and medicated massages with herbal oils are done at Ayur Healthcare. After the oil massage, a steam bath further increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles. At Ayur Healthcare, massages are given by highly experienced and qualified therapists and practitioners.

Advantages of Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurvedic Massages give the best results when performed traditionally as it expedites the release of toxins that are accumulated in the body. Check out some of the benefits offered by these massages:

  • Calms the nerves
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Provides smoother and softer skin
  • Increases mental alertness
  • Provides physiology
  • Tones the muscles
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases stamina and maintains it throughout the day
  • Eliminates impurities from the body
  • Provides better and deep sleep at night

Ayur Healthcare Ayurveda massage in Sydney  is the best way to get rid of stress as it improves blood circulation. It also boosts up immunity and makes you feel better! Just rub away all those tensions with a stress massage therapy session.

Discover the Timeless Healing Therapies

Ayur Healthcare, your gateway to the ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda. Immerse yourself in a world of rejuvenation and wellness as we present you with an array of 25 different Ayurvedic massages, each designed to restore balance, promote healing, and enhance overall well-being. Based in Parramatta, Sydney, Ayur Healthcare brings you the wisdom of Ayurveda in a safe and authentic manner. Before we delve into the list of Ayurvedic massages, we would like to emphasize that the content provided here is purely for educational purposes and not intended as medical advice. For personalized treatment plans, we encourage you to consult qualified Ayurvedic practitioners.

1. Abhyanga: The Blissful Warm Oil Massage

A full-body massage using warm herbal oils, Abhyanga is a deeply relaxing therapy that helps in reducing stress, nourishing the skin, and improving blood circulation.

2. Shirodhara: The Third-Eye Pouring Therapy

In Shirodhara, warm oil is gently poured over the forehead, stimulating the Third Eye chakra. This therapy calms the mind, relieves headaches, and enhances mental clarity.

3. Pizhichil: The Royal Synchronized Massage

Pizhichil involves a synchronized massage using warm medicated oils. It is known for its rejuvenating properties and is especially beneficial for joint and muscle health.

4. Udvartana: The Herbal Powder Massage

A therapeutic massage with herbal powders, Udvartana helps in detoxification, cellulite reduction, and toning of the skin.

5. Elakizhi: The Potli Herbal Massage

Elakizhi uses heated herbal poultices to massage the body, providing relief from joint pain, muscle cramps, and stress.

6. Navarakizhi: The Nourishing Rice Bolus Massage

This unique massage involves the application of rice boluses cooked with herbs and milk to promote muscle strength and vitality.

7. Nasya: The Nasal Passage Therapy

Nasya involves the administration of herbal oils or powders through the nasal passage, supporting respiratory health and easing sinus congestion.

8. Kati Basti: The Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy

In Kati Basti, a well of dough is created on the lower back and filled with warm oil to alleviate back pain and improve flexibility.

9. Greeva Basti: The Neck and Shoulder Revitalization

Similar to Kati Basti, Greeva Basti focuses on the neck and shoulders, reducing tension and improving mobility.

10. Janu Basti: The Knee Replenisher

This therapy involves applying warm oil on the knees to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with knee problems.

11. Netra Tarpana: The Eye Rejuvenation

Netra Tarpana soothes and nourishes the eyes by using ghee to create a reservoir around the eyes.

12. Karna Purana: The Ear Nourishment

Karna Purana involves pouring warm oil into the ears to promote ear health and relieve tension.

13. Pad Abhyanga: The Foot Reflexology

A rejuvenating foot massage that not only relaxes the feet but also has a positive impact on the entire body.

14. Mukha Abhyanga: The Facial Rejuvenation

Mukha Abhyanga is a relaxing facial massage that revitalizes the skin and imparts a natural glow.

15. Pada Abhyanga: The Leg and Feet Massage

This massage focuses on the legs and feet, providing relief from fatigue and promoting blood circulation.

16. Hasta Abhyanga: The Hand Massage

Similar to Pada Abhyanga, Hasta Abhyanga nourishes the hands and eases tension in the muscles.

17. Shiro Abhyanga: The Head Massage

Shiro Abhyanga is a therapeutic head massage that helps in reducing headaches and promoting relaxation.

18. Uro Abhyanga: The Chest and Heart Soother

Uro Abhyanga is a massage targeting the chest area, promoting heart health and emotional balance.

19. Pristha Abhyanga: The Back Massage

This massage focuses on the back, releasing tension and promoting flexibility.

20. Udara Abhyanga: The Abdominal Massage

Udara Abhyanga involves massaging the abdomen to aid digestion and support digestive health.

21. Kavala Graha: The Oil Pulling Therapy

Oil pulling involves swishing warm oil in the mouth to enhance oral health and promote detoxification.

22. Pinda Sweda: The Herbal Bolus Massage

Pinda Sweda uses heated herbal boluses to alleviate pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

23. Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda: The Nourishing Rice Bolus Massage

Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda is a specific type of Pinda Sweda using cooked rice in milk and herbal decoctions.

24. Avagaha Sweda: The Herbal Tub Bath

Avagaha Sweda involves sitting in a herbal-infused tub to relieve pain and promote healing.

25. Sarvanga Dhara: The Full-Body Oil Stream Therapy

In Sarvanga Dhara, a continuous stream of warm herbal oil is poured over the entire body, promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


At Ayur Healthcare, we present you with the diverse world of Ayurvedic massages, each offering unique benefits for your body and mind. Remember that the information provided on this website is purely for educational purposes and not a substitute for professional healthcare advice. We encourage you to consult our expert practitioners for personalized treatment plans and embark on a journey of holistic healing with Ayurveda.


The content provided on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice or a substitute for professional healthcare. Individual results may vary, and it is essential to consult qualified healthcare practitioners for personalized treatment plans. Ayur Healthcare and its representatives do not make any claims regarding the effectiveness of the therapies mentioned on this website. The information provided is based on traditional Ayurvedic practices. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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