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Ayurvedic Massage Sydney – Ayur Healthcare

Ayurvedic Massages are, various types depending upon the procedure and the Ayurvedic herbs used. Their benefits differ and these massages are planned as standalone or in combination to treat various health conditions.

Enjoy the Ayurvedic Massage at Ayur Healthcare, Parramatta, Sydney, and attain all the benefits.

Abhyanga:- Abhyanga massage therapy is anointing the body with medicated hot herbal oil. The Abhyanga at Ayur Healthcare starts with a Shiroabhyanga (head massage) followed by a full body massage. Abhyanga helps in preventing aging, helps in detoxification, reduces fatigue, reduces Vata, nourishes the body, promotes longevity, promotes sleep, and gives sturdiness to the skin. At Ayur Healthcare the selection of oils is done considering bio humor, tissues, and according to body constitution and done in a classical way.

Shiro abhyanga:– Shiroabhyanga (Ayurvedic Head Massage) is anointing the oil over the head followed by a massage and it helps in conditions like stress, anxiety, preventing graying, and falling of hair. It provides strength to the skull and hair roots, blood circulation and It also nourishes sense organs and makes the face skin glowing. At Ayur Healthcare it is very relaxing with a great ambience.

Pada-abhyanga:- is anointing the oil over the feet. It produces instant relief from roughness, stiffness, dryness, fatigue, and numbness of the legs. It makes the legs strong and stable. It reduces Vata and is useful in the treatment of sciatica.

Lepa:- Lepa is a type of therapy wherein a paste of ayurvedic herbs is applied topically to the affected area. Ayurvedic herbal oil is one of the ingredients in the preparation of the lepa that is considered under massage therapy. At Ayur Healthcare the medication and thickness of the lepa are decided by the qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner in Sydney depending on the disease and chronicity as the action of lepa changes with the type of herbs and thickness and time for which it is applied.

Udwarthana:- Udwarthana massage is performed with ayurvedic herbal powder, which rubs to the body with or without mixing medicated oil. Udwarthana means reinforced friction of the body with herbs. Udwartanam helps to improve mobility of joints, softens and removes dead skin cells, reduces excessive fat accumulated in the tissues, etc.

Some other oil treatments practiced in Ayur Healthcare are Gandusha, Kavala, Akshi Tarpana, Karnapurana, Shiro Pichu, Shiro Basti, Shirodhara, Kati Basti, Griva Basti, Hrid Basti, and Janu Basti.

Akshi tarpana is holding of oil or ghee in the eyes to nourish the eye and used in the darkness of the eye, dry eyes, dirty eyes, squinting eyes.

Karnapurana is filing of the ear by lukewarm medicated oil or medicated ghee for a stipulated time and it helps in conditions like many ear-related issues, lockjaw, deafness, etc.

Shiro Pichu is a procedure in which a piece of cloth or gauze folded and dipped in specific Ayurvedic medicated oil and kept on the anterior fontanelle and is used in hair fall, itching, cracking of the skin, burning sensation, diseases of the head, paralysis, insomnia, etc.

Shiro-Basti is to retain or to hold medicated Ayurvedic herbal oil on the scalp for a prescribed period of time and it helps in conditions like insomnia, anxiety, headaches, numbness of head, etc.

Sirodhara is a process in which medicated oil is poured in a continuous stream of drip on the head especially on the forehead in a specific manner and helps to manage conditions like stress, IBS, headache epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, psoriasis, eczema, hypertension alcoholism.

Kati Basti is retaining oil over low back and useful in conditions like Lumbar Spondylosis, disc prolapse, lumbar canal stenosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, radiculopathies, fractures, and dislocations.

Griva Basti is retaining oil over the nape i.e. back of the neck and it is used in many conditions like cervical spondylosis, neck stiffness, etc.

Hrid Basti is retaining the oil over the cardiac region called Hrid Basti.

Janu Basti is retaining oil over the knee and is helpful in conditions like ligament injury, swelling over the knee, and osteoarthritis of the knee.

Ayurveda Massage treatments in Sydney, therapies performed in Ayur Healthcare are strictly under the supervision of qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners, which gives the best results and Ayur Healthcare has Practitioners with B.A.M.S and M.D in Panchakarma which make these treatments more authentic and scientific. Patients feel more relaxed if the place is a calm, peaceful, and good ambience, so Ayur Healthcare focuses on these aspects with the utmost care.

To avail of the benefits of the classical Ayurvedic massage treatments in Sydney, Experience the positive vibes, visit Ayur Healthcare, and never miss your chance for a better you from the expert hands of our Ayurvedic Practitioners.

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