Beneficial Ayurvedic postnatal massage at Sydney

Every mother knows that entering motherhood is a time to become a caretaker and nurturer. Childbirth is also a very stressful time for the mother and her body goes through a lot. The physical, mental and emotional challenges are tremendous.

The mother is sleep deprived for a long time, fatigued and tired from feeding and nourishing the child. Such is the time for the mother to take up Ayurvedic post-natal massage, especially with Ayur Healthcare Clinic at Parramatta, Sydney.

Ayurveda and Postnatal care

After childbirth, the mother is filled with cold qualities, after the loss of body fluids and energy.  It is the time of a predominance of Vata dosha in the body. Vata is one of the three energies of the body according to Ayurveda, the proportion and balance of which is important for the wellbeing of the individual. An increase in Vata should be taken care of through gentle Ayurvedic treatment and massage.

At Ayur Healthcare Clinic, the mother is nurtured with the right food, herbal medicines, and massage. Normally the full Ayurvedic massage package as per tradition lasts for full forty-two days. In the process, Vata is calmed and the mother’s body heals and regains stability.

Benefits of Postnatal massage

At the clinic, the mother is pampered with a full body massage by our professional ayurvedic masseuse. The massage covers the entire body from feet to the head. The process also involves traditional baths with the use of herbs and ayurvedic medicines. The massage relaxes the body, aids the flow of blood and releases endorphins to bring about calmness. The massage addresses the strain of specific muscles during delivery.

The massage helps in relaxing the stomach and in the recovery of the uterus. It helps the uterus achieve its natural cleaning and regain its original form. The massage reduces swellings, normalize hormonal imbalances and reduce the swelling of joints. It also helps in removing the build-up of fluids and toxins that happen during childbirth.

Discover the power of Ayurveda in Sydney, Australia

Some people have never known about Ayurveda and may view it with a bit of suspicion too when they first know about it. It would perhaps take them some research and gathering of information to know that this is a medical system that has been in practice for literally thousands of years. It is also a very successful medical stream because it provides tangible relief and treatment for ailments that affect mankind. It is also a fact that Ayurveda is the best choice for treating certain ailments that modern medicine has been not too good at treating.

Just like any other medical practice, Ayurveda doctors undergo rigorous university-based leaning and training including an internship at Ayurvedic hospitals. The medicines used in modern Ayurveda are prepared by modern medical companies involved in the manufacture of Ayurveda-based medicines utilizing modern machinery, processes and procedures. However, they use the herb-based natural ingredients in manufacturing the medicines, following the strict methodologies based on the prescribed methods instructed in classical medical texts.

In many countries throughout Asia, there are complete hospitals dedicated to Ayurveda-based treatments. But through most of the modern world, Ayurveda has been debased and reduced to rejuvenating massages at Spas of Hotels and Resorts. However, those living in Sydney, Australia now can access authentic treatments based on Ayurveda offered through well-qualified practitioners with years of experience and excellent facility at the Ayur Healthcare clinic at Parramatta.

There is today an increasing awareness of the goodness of Ayurveda and recognition for the need for holistic and side-effect-free medical treatment. Here Ayur Healthcare, treatment begins only after a consultation on the issues faced by the individual and the assessment of his physical, mental and emotional condition based on parameters set by Ayurved. After the thorough examination, the practitioner will embark on a treatment plan that will involve correction of imbalances in the body.

The Ayur Healthcare Clinic, at Sydney, Australia, is specialized in holistic treatment and the services include Homeopathy and Yoga. Patients can access holistic healing which after consultation could also involve Ayurveda Massage Treatments like Panchakarma, Udwartana, Abyanga, etc. By accessing holistic treatment at the hands of qualified and experienced practitioners, you could achieve better balance and health that will lead to a longer and happier life.

Why prefer Ayurved for healing in Australia

These days one gets to see the word Ayurveda appearing at the most unexpected places. Many people get to know about Ayurveda from the list of massages offered at the Spa of major hotels and resorts. Some people think that it is about spreading warm and aromatic oils in the presence of heady perfume of flowers and lamps.

To those who know about Ayurveda in detail, it stands for ‘Science of Life’ and is the oldest medical system known to mankind. In Ayurveda, the emphasis is on enhancing the quality and longevity of life. Its theoretical system teaches the need for creating balance and believes that disorders are caused by imbalances. Not just the bodily factors come into play for assessing the ailments. The individuals’ emotional and mental states are also taken into account in assessing health.

In Ayurveda, the main aim is to treat the symptoms of the disease through helping the individual fight the disease by gaining strength and improved immune system. In short, Ayurveda does not treat the body alone. It cares for the person’s mind and spirit, in fact, the whole entity of the person. It believes that to fight and overcome disease, mind, and body have to work and fight together. The healing will include synchronization of healing of the body, feelings, thoughts and the inclusion of physical action and exercise through Yoga. The aim is to achieve a happy and disease-free long life.

For those living at Parramatta in Sydney, Australia, Ayur Healthcare is the leading specialized holistic treatment clinic that offers quality Ayurveda and Homeopathy treatments. The clinic is a major wellness center in Sydney and offers all aspects of Ayurveda treatment including Panchakarma, Udwarthana, Abhyanga and other Ayurvedic massages. The Yoga center and instructions from qualified Yoga trainers will help you achieve the best relief through Yoga for many physical issues. So if you are looking for Ayurveda treatment or a body massage based on Ayurveda after consultation with qualified practitioners, consider Ayur Healthcare in Sydney, Australia.