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Thomas Joseph (Massage Therapist)

Thomas is from Kerala, southern state of India is considered as the Cradle of Ayurveda, where it grew up and learn about Ayuveda. Thomas is a qualified Massage Therapist who endeavours to make a positive difference in your muscles and joints. He uses a wide range of massage techniques that include Relaxation, Remedial, Sports, and even Deep Tissue.

His aim is to provide Ayurveda massages and treatments that include Avhyanga, Pizhichil, Njavarkijhi, Shirodhara, Ubtaan and Elakijhi, Udvartana, Thalapothichil and Garshana to the patients guided by Ayurvedic Consultant’s at our clinic. He has a personal passion to assist his clients in returning to their innate health and spread wellbeing, positivity to the world. He is an accredited member of International Institute for Complimentary Therapists and holds a professional indemnity insurance.

As Thomas is also a qualified Registered Nurse enables him to take a more holistic approach to patient care during massage. He holds the membership of INC(Indian Nursing Council) and NMC, U.K.(Nursing Midwifery Council).